943 Miles – The Photo Book – Saal Digital Review 2

Having been very impressed with the Saal Digital before I was more than happy to trial a Photo Book for them too. For those that follow my blog, you will have read on my last post about my epic journey of 943 Miles, and 52 hours with a Sony A7II Camera. If you haven’t read it then I will explain very briefly that it was an awesome little challenge that I set myself to achieve the best I could in one weekend with a Sony A7II camera. It was quite a good weekend too, with loads of great shots. If you fancy finding out more about that then just click on the link above.

However, those awesome shots gave me a great idea. I wanted a little reminder for myself, a physical reminder rather than a digital one. Saal had just asked me to trial their product for a ‘PhotoBook’ and in return, I would give them an honest and fair review. So this was my perfect time to achieve both of these things. Apologies in advance for the photography of the book, I may be good at landscapes, but product photography I am not….

As with all Saal products, the design is very simple using their software and I had my cover and layout sorted withing a couple minutes. I wanted it simply to have a title etc on the cover, and then inside all I wanted was to show off/remind myself of all the amazing shots I was able to capture. As you can see, this was truly what I achieved. I uploaded my design, followed the simple checkout process and sat back waiting for it to arrive. I must say I was very impressed as it was no time at all before I received the Photobook.

The product was superb, the pictures looked great in print, and the book quality and product design are excellent. Be it the Lay-Flat design, the thickness, and although I have said it already the quality of the images in print, you won’t be disappointed. From me, that is another great thumbs up for Saal.


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