Best Budget Sony a7RIII L Bracket

I just wanted to share with you all my views on what I think is the best budget Sony a7RIII L bracket. The perfect arca-swiss head companion. I have tried a couple and in my mind, at the time I am writing this, this is your best option on a budget.

All I ever wanted was to find one that would not cost me the earth and would allow me to use it with wired remotes, charging cables plugged in when I wanted. I found one, and it was less than £50.

I am not sponsored to say this and have not been paid to write this, I shopped around and settled on this L Bracket, after a trying a couple different ones. It is the SmallRig one that I am recommending, and below is why.

Before I tried the SmallRig L Bracket, I tried a couple others… A universal one, nope, that did not work at all, you could not place it to give access to the USB connections. So the next thing I tried was a cheap one from amazon/ebay. As pictured below, the main problem with this, yes you can get at the doors, but on the vertical L Bracket bit, it basically had not enough to grip on and mount on any normal arca-swiss style head. A complete waste of time, but at less than £20/$30, worth a try, no not really!

It was back to the drawing board then. There are quite a few options out there, and they are all advertised for the Sony a7RIII, a9, and a7III, as they all share the same footprint. That’s what I needed, one that fits the camera I have. However, I did not think I needed to pay over £100/$150 for an L Bracket? Come on it can’t be that hard? Well, it turns out that after some more research it was not. I stumbled upon the SmallRig one and was glad I did. One of the reasons though for writing this article was that it was not that easy to find, maybe this will help someone?

I did not know anything about SmallRig, and I am sure there are a few videographers who must already know about them. But their stuff is really good is my impression.  To get around the USB cable issue I had on the a7RIII they simply allow you to extend the vertical L part out. They do this however still keeping the desired rigidity that I want in the bracket.

Not only that but they still allow you access to the battery compartment if you need to.

And all this for a cost of about £50/$70 at time of writing. You can find the SmallRig website here and if in the US you can buy direct. If you are in the UK, and probably any other part of the world, you will find this on Amazon for example. A great bit of kit, it gets thumbs up from me.

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