Heritage Hartland Coast, UK, a great Sunset Location

Natural Lighting - Hartland Quay

The Heritage Hartland Coast of North Devon and Cornwall has to be one of my favorite sunset locations in the UK. If you want dramatic rock formations for your seascapes then you won’t be disappointed.  I have three goto locations here that I will visit often, they are Hartland Quay, Welcombe Mouth, and Sandymouth.

All three locations have lots to offer, but can be a little tide dependant. Relatively easy to access, with available parking is a plus too, after traveling down some of the area’s great small country lanes.

Below are some of my favorite shots from these locations…

Hartland Quay, DEVON

Hartland Quay is the most popular of the area’s to visit and the most well-known. This might be something to do with there being a hotel at this location, at least you can get a drink after? Very busy in summer months.

Welcombe Mouth, Devon

Welcombe Mouth has to be the most remote of the three I think. There is however a National Trust car park above the beach. Its popular in the summer with campers and surfers staying overnight. There is also a fair size stream that feeds into the sea here, quite a spectacular waterfall too in the right conditions.

Sandymouth, Cornwall

Another popular location, and in the summer months you will be sharing the beach with the tourists. There is toilets and a café here open in the high season, and a huge car park. This is a popular surfing location too. Here we also have a couple little streams cascading over the cliffs onto the beach.

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