Kite Buggying Mablethorpe Beach and the Samsung NX1

Need for speed 3

I was out and about and by chance went to Mablethorpe Beach looking for things to capture with my camera. On my way towards the area I could see what looked like massive kites being flown? Well it was massive kites and they were attached to various buggies, in what looked like excellent fun. This was also a great opportunity to put to use the 15fps of the Samsung NX1 and see if the focus could keep up with the fast-moving kite buggying.

A kite buggy is a light, purpose-built vehicle powered by a traction kite (power kite). It is single-seated and has one steerable front wheel and two fixed rear wheels. The driver sits in the seat located in the middle of the vehicle and accelerates and slows down by applying steering manoeuvres in coordination with flying manoeuvres of the kite. This activity is called kite buggying. The speed achieved in kite buggies by skilled drivers can range up to around 110 km/h (70 mph), hence protective clothing, including a safety helmet, is commonly worn. ~ Wikipedia

Here are a few of the images I captured, the weather was perfect, nice sunshine, and for the peeps in the buggies good wind.

The NX1 in my inexperienced hands seemed to do really well. I say inexperienced as I have not really tried shooting action shots. I used a selection of single focus area, and multi focus area, using CAF (continuous auto focus) and the AAF (active auto focus). the camera was set to 15FPS drive mode. I was using the 16-50mm S f2.2.8 Lens.

After a while of shooting, one of the Kite Buggyers came to say hello, his name was Theo Southee and he was happy to answer a few questions I had. Nice lad and as it turns out also a fellow photographer. You can find info about him here.

UPDATE: I thought I would put together this quick and dirty GIF to show you the 15FPS capture speed 🙂

Need-for-speed Animated GIF

If any of the pictures here are of you, then please drop me a line, I will be happy to provide a copy.

If you are interested in Kite Buggying at Mablethorpe, then these guys might be able to point you in right direction! Bomber County Kite and Buggy Group
Or if you are just wanting to find more in the UK about it then click here. Kite Buggying

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