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Cornish Coastal Calm Colour - A seascape taken at Sandymouth in Cornwall. Mono or Colour?

Just a quick post, with a few of my recent captures whilst on my travels with the Samsung NX1. Be it stunning sunsets, or very rare Aurora Borealis in the Southwest of England, I have been blessed to be there and capture it.

So far all my NX1 pictures have been captured with my legacy glass, for landscape the 12-24mm, for zoom work the 50-200mm III OIS. And even the 16-50mm PZ for the Northern Lights! That is about to change, as part of the package Samsung put together for us Imageloggers, it included the new 15-50mm S lens F2-2.8. There was for whatever reason a slight delay in us getting these, but at last I now have it. I have been missing a good fast lens in my bag, so at last I now have one…

“This content is created with the Samsung NX1, which has been provided by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.”

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