In my Camera Bag

You can take a good shot with any camera, that is a fact. It is also true that using excellent equipment will allow you to take great shots with more control. Equipment is important, it improves your chances of capturing what you want, more of the time. Here is what’s in my bag.

Main Camera Body & Lenses.

Sony α7r III – The 3rd generation of Sony’s landscape specialist alpha 7 series. It’s a very nice camera indeed.

  • 42.4MP 35mm full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS and enhanced processing system
  • Standard ISO 100-32000 range (upper limit expandable to 1024005)
  • Fast Hybrid AF with 399-point focal-plane phase-detection AF and 425-point contrast-detection AF
  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking
  • 5-axis image stabilisation with 5.5-stop exposure advantage

Various Lenses both native Sony, Zeiss and also Sigma (which I am loving).

Optical Filters.

Kase Wolverine Filters – I am pleased to say I am an official ambassador for Kase Filters, These are excellent, virtually unbreakable, pro HD glass, scratch proof, and moisture repellant filters.

  • K8 Holder System
  • CPL Slimline Polariser
  • S-GND Soft Grads .9 and 1.2
  • H-GND Hard Grads .9
  • R-GND Reverse Grad 1.2
  • C-GND Centre Grad 1.2
  • ND 6 stop and 10 Stop
  • Neutral Night – Unnatural Light filter

Visit for more info.

Also in the bag.

Other essential items that I carry are as follows…

  • A Vanguard VEO2 or 190 Tripod both with Ball Heads – Used for almost all my landscape shots
  • A Peak Design Capture Pro and Slide Light
  • Cleaning Kit – Need I explain? Lens wipes, microfibre cloth etc
  • Towels – I always carry some flannel size towels too, very useful if shooting in less than perfect conditions when needing to wipe down equipment
  • Remote Timer for Long Exposure Shots
  • Camera Bag – I favour a backpack type camera bag. It is especially useful when yomping to locations to shoot landscapes
  • Memory Cards – Yes, plural! Firstly, useful if you run out of space. Secondly, never have just one. Every photographer will have, at some point, turned on their camera to realise the memory card is still sat in its reader somewhere!
  • Battery Charger and Power Bank – You never want to be left short of charge!

My camera history.

Sony a7R – My 1st full frame camera, and still my back up camera.

Samsung NX1 – Ahead of its time when released, but sadly Samsung did not stay in the camera game.

Samsung NX1000 – My 1st real interchangeable lens camera, it was a great bit of kit.

Panasonic FZ45 – A great Bridge camera with 24x Zoom. I did a lot of miles with this camera and got some great shots.

Kodak Z650 – The camera that ignited in me the photography bug. This camera was a great piece of kit in its time.

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