North Wales and Anglesey Photography

Ynys Llanddwyn Lighthouse - A long Exposure of the sunset.

It’s often understated, but as a photography location North Wales and Anglesey have so much to offer. I have been on two recent trips here, one at the end of last year, and one at the beginning of this with good friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. I say it’s often understated as Cumbria and the lakes is always an obvious location in the north, but the Snowdonia area, and Anglesey, can be just as easily reached, and is often less crowded.

Below is a selection of my shots from various locations in and around these areas. I have broken them down into Anglesey, and then North Wales.

Anglesey – A small Island on the tip of North Wales, filled with some amazing locations.

North Wales – Be it lakes, mountains, woodland, disused mines, or even coastal locations, you will find them all here. Sadly on both days I visited these areas, we got the worst of the weather. So I have less shots from here, but you will get the idea…

Well worth doing some research and heading over for a few days…

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