Saal Digital Wall Decor Review

Saal Digital 1

Recently I was asked to review Saal Digital’s new range of wall decor options. Saal Digital are a European based company with a great name already in producing quality photo-books and other such printing needs. I was hoping that they would carry this tradition on with their Wall Decor options too.

What distinguishes Saal Digital.
Saal Digital offers a wide range of advantages to its customers. Your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, the quality of your products as well as your feedback are of great importance to us. ~ Saal Digital

You can be rest assured that they do. I was fortunate enough to already have a sample of the different materials that they can provide, plus I had an eager client who wanted something a little different for their establishment. This was a perfect opportunity to try out a new finish. One of the Saal Printing options is called ‘Butlerfinish(r)’, this is an Alu-Dibond surface that means your images are printed direct on the polished aluminium. The results with the correct images are stunning as you can see below.

For my trial of this I choose two images, one black and white and one colour. I wanted to see how this would work with the finish. The answer is very well, the black and white image really pops and the milky way sparkles in the colour one. The pictures below do them no justice at all, but they do look very cool.

Saal Digital 2

Saal Digital 3

They will be going on the wall very soon and I am happy to have my work displayed like this.  Everything else you would expect from a great company was naturally there too; the design, ordering, delivery and customer service is excellent. I will be happy to continue using Saal Digital, and would recommend them to anyone.

Saal Digital Website. 

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