Shooting in the Dark! – Samsung NX1000

Brixham Harbour at Night

Here you will find some of my ‘shooting in the dark’ shots with the ‘Samsung NX1000’ and me explaining a little about how they were captured. To me the low light/night performance of the NX1000 is just great! Here is a small collection of my night work, both HDR and normal. These pictures were all taken using either the NX 20-55mm stock lens or the NX 16mm Pancake lens.


Arrow – Was this the 21:15 from Plymouth to Exeter? A long exposure shot taken near Powderham Castle on the Exe Estuary. The arrow was achieved with light trails from the inside and rear of the train.

A popular shot of mine on flickr is this one, shot right next to the railway lines using the light trails of a train to create this great effect. The final image has been cropped a little, so please be safe and don’t think I was quite as close to the lines as it might seem (I was behind a fence on a crossing).

The EXIF data for this shot is : 30sec | f3.5 | ISO100 | 22mm | Edited LR/PS

Obviously I used a tripod for this shot and had it wedged in with the fence to stop any movement caused by the draught of the train and the vibrations. The shutter was triggered with a remote. I guess I was a little lucky really with this shot on timing as I didn’t have a way of doing a test shot and this was the one and only attempt I had chance to try. Finally the shot was then edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop to give it the effect I wanted.

Hull Marina at Night HDR

Hull Marina at Night
Hull Marina at Night – A HDR night shot of Hull Marina.

A local shot for me, as this location is only about 30mins away. Unlike the shot above this one differs slightly as it is actually a 3exp HDR shot (want to know more about HDR?). Taken on a still clearish summers eve, with the stars just showing at the top of the frame.

The 3 exposures EXIF data was : 4sec/1sec/15sec | f5 | ISO100 | 22mm | Edited Photomatix/LR/PS

I was wondering around the marina, trying to work out the best angle to take a shot was when I had the idea of using the landing bay as the lead in. I also loved the reflections it was producing. A few different variables happened to be right for this shot, no wind so no movement in the boats and still water, not much cloud about, and of course a tripod and remote trigger…

TOP TIP: For those that want to shoot HDR at night with the NX1000, I often take the camera down by one stop of light so that in fact the base image is at -1ev. This seems to produce better results.

2nd Severn Crossing

2nd Severn Crossing
2nd Severn Crossing – The new River Severn crossing from England to Wales

Another night-time HDR shot from 3exp, taken on some work travels. I had seen someone else had taken a shot with this POV and wanted to do the same. Taken from the shoreline at Severn Beach, I tried various different settings to get this right.

The 3 exposures EXIF data was : 13sec/3sec/30sec | f2.4 | ISO100 | 16mm | Edited Photomatix/LR/PS

I was once again lucky with the conditions when I was at this location, the tide and the weather being good to me. I wish I could say I had planned it that way, but no, the only plan I had been to get to the location and see what I could do. If ever I want to scout an area before I go there, then my simple solution is Google Maps.

Brixham Harbour at Night

Brixham Harbour at Night
Brixham Harbour at Night – Brixham is a small coastal town in South Devon, UK. It has a quaint little fishing and pleasure boat harbour, which is overlooked by the most of the town. Here you are looking over the harbour with the tide moving the boats and into what lays beyond.

And finally a much photographed scene in South Devon. This really is a lovely part of the UK, and world.

The EXIF data for this shot is : 30sec | f9 | ISO100 | 16mm | Edited LR/PS

Just me my tripod and NX1000 on this shot. Taken using the NX16mm Pancake lens this image was produced from the single RAW file. At first when I was developing this in Lightroom I disregarded it due to the moving boats. However later on I decided I quite liked that.


Once again if you have any questions about my process or want to get in touch, leave a comment or drop me a line via the contacts page.

4 thoughts on “Shooting in the Dark! – Samsung NX1000

  • February 6, 2015 at 12:48 am

    Hi. Just learning to use my NX1000 for night shots and have a would you attempt something like shooting stars in the night sky, or the milky way? Do you need a specialty lens, or is the standard 50mm that it comes with enough to get these kind of shots?

    • February 7, 2015 at 7:25 pm

      Hello sorry completely missed this, sorry for late reply. For star shots you need a really fast lens. Something around f2.8 or lower. Also a wide lens is a good idea. The hardest thing to do with the NX1000 is focus on the stars as it has no infinity setting in manual focus mode. There are some great how to’s out on the web on shooting the stars.

  • January 10, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Hello. Could you please email your reply to me at Thankyou. I own both a Samsung NX1000 and an NX300. I want to put either camera on a tripod on a starry night and see what I can capture using my 20/50 lens but it seems that the shutter will not open because I suppose that the camera cannot see anything to focus on. I also had the camera in manual mode with manual focus. Also, does either camera have the capability foran auto release of the shutter using a plug in device? Thank you. John B

    • January 19, 2016 at 4:44 pm

      Hello John

      Apologies for the delay in replying. When taking night or star shots you need to manual focus to infinity. This is not so easy on the Samsung lenses as they are not marked with focus distances, and therefore is a bit of a guessing game. I use a manual Samyang lens for this type of work as it is both fast F2, and also had focus points marked. As for the shutter remote, then yes both the NX1000 and the NX300 will both work with a shutter release cable. I use one of these as I like the ability to be able to program the time I want to expose for.

      Hope this helps. Andi


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