Using Kase Wolverine Filters in the Wild!

Minimal - A bit of minimalistic photo art from the coast this evening.

For those that follow me, you will know I have swapped my filter system recently, to the excellent Kase Wolverine Filters. I have been busy taking shots with them and using them in the wild to make sure they are as good as my first impressions of them were. They are, I can not recommend them enough to anyone serious about landscape photography. These filters are not aimed at the budget end of the market, they are aimed at those that use the glass offerings from the likes of Lee and NISI. They are very competitively priced compared to those and have that amazing quality of being virtually indestructible, hopefully no more dropped and shattered 10 stops filters for me. In the wild, being that I like to spend a lot of my time near the coast, the other quality that I really love is that they clean so easy. Salt water spray just wipes off, no annoying smearing. And as for optical quality, then these are just excellent, which hopefully you will see in my gallery below.

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