All the right gear.

Andi Campbell-Jones - Dawn on Loch Awe, all dry and happy...

Ok so the gear in question here is not my camera gear, no ‘All the right gear’ is referring to also having the right clothes for the environment you are in.

I am just back from a mini trip to the Scottish Highlands, and the weather was its normal changeable self. Wet, sunny, very cold and snowy, plus everything else in between! These were all the conditions I was out photographing in, and half the reason I love landscape photography. On this trip I was testing out some new (to me) outdoor gear from HI-TEC which they had kindly supplied me. I already had some of their excellent waterproof walking boots, and they added to that with some Drytek trousers and a waterproof coat.

What I loved about all of the items I used, was that they were nice and lightweight, of course this means that you have to layer up in the extreme cold, but when it’s warmer you still get the waterproof garments, but without the excess baggage, useful as we are normally already carrying a fair bit of kit. I really did put this gear to the test on this trip, paddling in a loch and streams in the boots, walking and kneeling in deep snow, shooting in the rain, and lying on damp ground. In all cases I am pleased to say, I stayed dry and happy, if not clean! The coat ‘STAFFORD MEN’S WATERPROOF JACKET‘ is great as it has nice big pockets, great for storing all the filters I use whilst shooting, and the trousers ‘EXETER MEN’S ZIP OFF TROUSERS‘ were comfy and able to stretch as I clambered all over the Scottish landscape. Oh and if you are interested the boots I have are ‘ALTITUDE V I WATERPROOF MEN’S HIKING BOOTS‘, light, comfortable, waterproof, and nice and solid with good grip.

Here are a few of my shots from my trip. As always, click on an image to see it bigger.

If you want to check out all of HI-TEC’s excellent range of outdoor gear then look here and I would like to thank them for letting me try out their stuff.

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