Gig Photography and the NX1

I have always wanted to have a go at ‘Gig Photography’ using the Samsung NX1. I had wondered would the NX1 be any good for this sort of thing, would I be any good at it? In my view, the answer is yes, the Samsung NX1 performed very well and I was happy with the results I managed to capture. Even at iso 6400 the noise was manageable after editing, and at iso 3200 it was really useable. The focus never gave me any issue, and the speed of the camera was ace, especially when going for action shots.

I paired the NX1 with the NX 16-50mm S lens, the camera was mostly set up as follows. I set the shutter speed to no less than 1/250, the iso to automatic with a max of 6400iso, and finally the aperture was f2.8. I didn’t want to use flash, I was hoping to rely solely on the venue’s lighting, and did. One tip I will give though is that as you are trying to get up close and personal with the bands, take ear plugs, as you will also be up close and personal with the sound system!

The gig was a local one for a heavy metal band called ‘Black Tongue’, not necessarily my thing, but my good friends at ‘Blank Canvas Mag‘ were covering the event and asked me along. How could I say no? Black Tongue were supported by two other bands, Monolith, and Oceans ate Alaska.

Below you will find my fave shots…



Oceans Ate Alaska

Black Tongue

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