Kase Filters – Wolverine and K6 holder test

Kase Filters Final Image

After a recent introduction from a fellow UK photographer, I have been in discussion with Kase Filters. Kase are a filter manufacturer, based in Asia, who are looking to break into the UK market. I took the opportunity to test their K6 100mm holder kit with a Circular Polarising Filter and a Wolverine ND64 (6 stop) filter.

Kase Filters in the Wild
Kase Filters in ‘the Wild’

I took delivery of the filters this morning and, although the rain has been rather persistent here in the UK, I headed out to a tried and tested location for a quick test. A break in the weather allowed me to get the camera out and the swollen River Plym on the edge of Dartmoor provided the test location.

As an example and a base for testing, I took a test shot using a 6 stop filter I already had in my bag. This was followed by one with the same settings using the Kase kit. Both are Jpeg’s straight out of the camera.  Shot at F9 – 16mm – ISO100 – 30secs. The Kase one, as you can see, is slightly darker as the polarising filter reduces the amount of light that enters the camera.

The ‘before’ is a Little Stopper 6 stop ND filter. The ‘after’ is the Kase 100mm Square ND64 6 stop filter and also 82mm Circular Polarising Filter.

In both cases, the filters had minimal colour cast, but the polarising filter in the K6 holder kit from Kase produced the best results. I am afraid I could not do a like for like test… I have aways thought that the polarising filter that works with the Little Stopper was rather expensive!

Kase K6 Kit

Let me explain a little about what you get with a Kase K6 Kit.

Kase K6 kit
Kase K6 kit

The kit really does just about cover everything, and including the polarising filter as part of the kit is an excellent idea. The difference a polarising filter can make is very obvious in this comparison below. The ‘before’ is without, and ‘after’ with the filter.

When the weather improves I will also do a little video showing just how simple the whole set up and use is. If you book any of my future workshops or one to one tuition then I will also be able to demonstrate this system.

Wolverine Filters

Along with the K6 kit, I was testing a the Wolverine ND64 (6 stop) 100mm square filter. The Wolverine series is Kase’s hard to break, KW optical glass filters. Kase states they are scratch proof, oil resistant, HD, and virtually indestructible. I will post a video at the end that backs this up. They are available in various forms, such as ND and Grad filters. I have not had reason to put their indestructible nature to the test, and I hope I don’t have to!

As you would expect each filter comes with its own protective case. I must say that I was very impressed with the product that I tested, build quality of everything is just excellent. The filter did everything I would expect from it and has that added security that if you accidentally drop it, it has more chance of surviving.

In fact, I rate this product so highly that I am going to become a reseller in the UK. The entire range is superb quality and more than a match for what you can currently buy in the UK.

Please see below a brief video from Case about the Wolverine Filter range. And watch this space for updates on when you can start ordering these items.


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